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The Hassle-Free Way To Arrange A Great Golf Vacation In Estoril

Estoril is an exclusive resort township, which is well known for attracting royalty. The place, apart from being well known for its world class golf, is also famous for its casino. The casino is one of the largest in Europe, which eventually became an inspiration for “Casino Royale”, the James Bond book. The mild winters of the place are ideal for a golf vacation. Estoril has become very popular in the last few years, and hence the local coast is now known as Costa do Estoril.

Best hotels of Europe

Estoril is well known for its warm welcome in all of its world class hotels. They offer superb quality of food along with international level of hospitality. Not only hotels, you will also find various kinds of accommodations in Estoril like villas, condominiums, resorts, etc. You can choose any of them to feel at home. The beautiful scenery of the place gives a breathtaking scene from any window you open.

Go well prepared for golf

If you are going with a golfers and non-golfers, none of you will get bored. Go well equipped with your golf clubs and balls so that you do not feel any dearth of these things in Estoril. Among the best golf courses of the place, you will find these: Golf School Daniel Grimm, Golfe do Estoril, Belas Clube de Campo.

Beaches in Estoril

The warm summers of the place make it perfect for sunbathing and water sports. Some of the local beaches include Tamariz Beach, Praia da Poca, Praia das Moitas. Many of these places are the hidden gems of Estoril. Thus, do not shy away and explore the place to the core.

Games and fun

As you have already read above, apart from many other activities, there is casino in many clubs to entertain you anytime. The best place to bet is Casino Estoril. Clube de Tenis do Estoril offers a brilliant game of tennis to the locals as well as tourists.

Tours of the town

Customized touring services in Estoril are brilliant and do not let any of the tourists look here and there out of boredom. If you are a true explorer, you will find these city tours lovely.


Above all, when you want to booze and relax after a busy and entertaining day in Estoril, you can come to some of the best bars and pubs at the dusk. The top rank bars include Quinto Patino, BB ROSA, Tamariz Beach Club, Umbar Estoril, Piano Bar, and Outro Bar.

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