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First Impressions Of The Oceanico Millennium Golf Course

The Oceanico Millennium Golf Course features 18 holes at par 72. The course has a rich green color that features beautiful landscaping. Players can enjoy a great number of services including golf lessons, putting green and driving range. Kids can even play rounds and get lessons through the golf academy. While the course may seem easy at a glance there are some things to know that can make playing rounds more interesting. Here are basic first impressions of the course that shouldn’t fool you during your visit.

Lots of Trees and Wide Open Green

Anyone who visits the Oceanico Millennium Golf Course will be amazed at the number of trees and wide open spaces throughout the area. The course offers plenty of opportunities for adventure while being known as a quiet and relaxing course of choice. Try not to get intimated by the trees. Some holes are placed near wooded areas but they can encourage you to be more accurate when hitting the ball down the fairway. The greens are well cared for and you may see a few slopes and hills along the way and they have an inviting look.

It Is Competitive While Looking Too Easy

The course may look easy but when you get around to really studying what it has to offer you will see there are challenges. The 5th hole on the course is known as the signature hole, but there are at least 5 other holes with water hazards. These aspects give the course an inviting nature; it looks like a place golfers want to play and many are open for the hidden challenges. The course is a good option for most golfers to consider. It is good for beginners and seasoned players can brush up on their techniques.

Good Course for Scoring

If you want to work on improving golf scores this course may help you do so. The course offers a great number of plays that can help golfers see better scores with practice. There are holes that may be easier to target but golfers may have more room for error with certain plays. Golfers looking forward to their visit can vise the scorecard information at golf course website to get further insight on what to expect. Use this information to get an idea of which plays you think may get you higher scores.

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