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Where To Play Golf In The Algarve: Top 10 Venues

The Algarve section of Portugal is filled with many great golf courses. Here are ten of the top places to try out.

Parque de Floresta

This course has intense rolling fairways and numerous slim fairways. The amazing views of the mountains in the region make this a course that is popular among many golfers.


The course in the western part of Algarve has many bunkers and water hazards and a variety of fine and sweeping spaces. The views of the Atlantic Ocean from the course alone make it an intense course that is a real thrill for all golfers to try out.

Alto Golf

It is located near the village of Alvor. While it is only a par-70 course, the sixteenth hole is considered to be one of the longest in Europe at close to 600 yards in length. The simple par-3 opener is just a deceiving hole that prepares the golfer for a real challenge.


Situated in Vilamoura has a large lake right in the middle. The field is open but the bunkers around the holes tend to make approach shots a challenge.


The amazing course focuses heavily on accuracy. The old trees all around the place make for a fun look but they make the fairways narrow in terms of their arrangements.

Quinta de Cima

This golf resort is in the eastern part of Algarve. It has plenty of open fairways but the water and sand bodies are organized carefully to create a more intense look.

Vila Sol

This amazing course has three different nine-hole sections. Many of these courses have some extended holes with longer fairways including a few par-4 holes that have close to 400 yards of space.

Pine Cliffs

The Pine Cliffs is a popular nine-hole course that has a par-33 design and includes some attractive beach views all around the place. The course has a series of pine trees that are attractive and the greens are designed quite well and yet are surprisingly fast.


This magnificent course is a longer par-73 course with some of the deepest bunkers in Algarve. The fairways are usually straight and the greens are large enough to add a little more of a challenge for any player to have fun with.


The par-27 nine-hole course is at the Balaia Village Holiday Complex. It focuses heavily on iron shots and getting the best short game shots running; pitch shots are especially important to play with on this game.

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