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Why Pestana Vila Sol Golf Course? - A Quick Guide On The Place

The city of Vilamoura in Central Algarve is the Mecca of golf in Portugal. Those who have visited Vilamoura before will agree that it’s the perfect place for a golf holiday. The natural scenery, amazing beaches, and well-maintained golf courses provide a perfect setting for a weekend of golf and fun with family and friends.

A Golf Course that Complements Nature’s Beauty

Vilamoura has a number of golf courses, each better in its own way than the next. Your visit to this Central Algarve city is incomplete without a visit to the Pestana Vila Sol Golf Course. This splendid 27-hole golf course rests on a 75-acre landscape known for its scenic beauty.

Professionally Maintained and Managed Golf Course

The Pestana Vila Sol is very professionally managed by the Pestana Group. They took up the charge of the course in 2011 and since then the popularity of the course has grown leaps and bounds. Other than the Vila Sol in Vilamoura, the Pestana Group also manages four other courses, namely, the Pestana Vale da Pinta, Pestana Gramacho, Pestana Silves, and Pestana Alto.

The Pestana Vila Sol was designed by Donald Steel and it was opened to the public in the year 1991. The course is designed in typical British style and built on a landscape with plenty of pinewoods. Nature’s gifts such as valleys, and man’s imaginative creations such as art sculptures, combine to make the Pestana Vila Sol one of the most artistic and beautiful golf courses in Continental Europe. The 27-hole Pestana Vila Sol is divided into three circuits or levels, namely, Prestige, Challenge, and Prime. Each circuit comprises of nine holes.

Pestana Vila Sol – Challenging and Rewarding Golf Course

It’s not worth playing on golf courses that don’t challenge a golfer’s skills. Luckily, you won’t have that problem in Pestana Vila Sol. This is one of the most challenging courses in the region.

Work on your shot accuracy before you visit Vila Sol, as there are many narrow fairways that demand precision strokes. You also have to contend with many bunkers, lakes, and tricky greens.

Don’t expect the initial holes to be easy. The opening four holes are the toughest in the course. Hence, a par on each hole would be a decent start to your game. The back nine is far easier than the nine that runs outwards. The course starts with a 381-meter par-4. Actually, the first three holes in Vila Sol are all par-4s. You’ll encounter the first par-5 at sixth and another par-5 at eighth.

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