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Top 4 Swing Balance Tricks From Professional Golfers

Having good balance is visually appealing while helping the golfer maintain control of the shot. There are different tricks professionals like to use depending on what works best for them. If you are working to improve your swing balance you can try some of their tricks and see what happens. While the content below touches on a few ideas there are swing drills and video tutorials online offering more insight if you need further guidance. Here are some points to help practice swing balance like the pros.

  1. Hold position when finishing swing for a few seconds. This is something many notice professional golfers do. It may seem natural for them but if you are not used to doing this at the end of your shot this could affect end results. You may also want to note how professionals hold their form. Pay attention to their positioning of legs, shoulders and feet. Depending on the type of shot they may pivot their foot and slightly flex their knee as they hold their position.
  2. Practice swinging with your feet together using an 8-iron. There are seasoned players that say this drill helps. It gives more insight on how the club feels when swinging and how your stance plays a role when swinging through. As you do this, work to stand in place and hold your balance as you swing. Do this a few times and notice
  3. Increase arc of swing but don’t swing too much (over swing). If you swing too much this could be a sign of too much power being created in the swing. This could affect how the ball is hit and it may lead to a poor shot. Your arc should have enough swing to establish a smooth motion without overdoing it. You could practice your swing a few times before taking the shot. Look to create the arc and be consistent each time you practice.
  4. Ensure wide stance when taking shot. The back of your feet should be positioned wider than your shoulders. This is a common action to do versus keeping your feet together. A wider stance can encourage better balance while swinging, but if your stance is too wide it could have a negative effect on how you follow through the shot. When legs are in good position with shoulders it makes your swing technique easier to complete.

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