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10 Things To Know About Vale Da Pinta Golf Course In Portugal

The Vale da Pinta golf course in Portugal is a popular spot for travelers. The course offers great plays for anyone seeking a fun filled adventured on the golf course. It is known to offer challenging holes and tight fairways many say have helped in improving their game. There are so many things to learn about the course prior to visiting it helps to get to know what you can to plan appropriately. As a popular option it is easy to see why so many people enjoy visiting Vale da Pinta golf course each year. Here are 10 things to know about it:

  1. The Vale da Pinta golf course is considered one of the best designed courses in Europe and Algarve. The course features trees over 1000 years old!
  2. The Golf course is known to host a number of distinguished golf tournaments including the European Seniors Tour Qualifying final. A high quality course for professionals.
  3. Golf rates vary for Vale da Pinta throughout the year depending on season and time of year. Cheaper rates appear during winter and parts of early and late summer.
  4. Visitors should review rules and etiquette for the course prior to arrival as the course has a detailed list of rules, club rules, handicap limits, dress code and information about buggies that is a must to review beforehand.
  5. The course features a number of tight fairways, hazards, bunkers, and doglegs that really test player accuracy.
  6. Many holes on the course can be challenging to play on a windy day. On windy days golfers have to work a little harder to keep the ball on the green.
  7. The 9th hole is considered one of the most challenging long drive plays along with hole 13. Hole 18 is said to require at least three long shots at par five
  8. The Vale da Pinta golf course is recommended for seasoned players as it can be a significant challenge for amateurs.
  9. Golf course has high standards when maintaining grounds. Many guests have mentioned they admire the course known to be in great condition throughout the year.
  10. Some holes on the course present more challenges when surrounding area is damp or soggy from rain. Some players have mentioned it got tricky during putting but the grounds tend to hold up well during heavy downpours.

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