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5 Keys To Keeping Your Scores Low On The Golf Course

Golf is pretty much one of the most luxurious recreational sporting activities that you can ever get to learn about, and this explains why it is normally associated with the high and mighty. It is amazing how business deals are combined together with golf, the perfect example of playing hard and working harder. It does not matter how good you are at the game or even if you are not, as long as you are able to get some fun out of it, there is every chance for you to enjoy the game all the time. The following are some tips that will help you learn how to lower your scores and in the process have so much fun when playing golf.


Perhaps one of the most important parts of this game is your stance. As long as you have the right stance, you will be able to reduce the chance of injuries and back problems, and as a result you have more time and energy to push the drive further than you normally would. Remember to be relaxed and bend at the waist or your hips, and never at the knees.


You must always practice your putting from time to time if you want that awesome score. So many professional golfers will normally advise amateur players that golf is never won on the drive, but on the green. Take some time and learn on mini-golf courses if you can to learn how to control the putts.


One of the other elements of your game that you have to focus on is getting a good grip. Try not to hold on to your club too tightly or loosely. You must learn to relax and this will certainly work wonders for you.


Never forget the terrain. It might actually surprise you the number of times people tend to ignore the terrain and the impact on your game. It is important for you to know beforehand the nature of the ground, the fluctuations and any other flaws that are present so that it becomes easier for you to avoid some of the easy mistakes that will force you into more putts.


You need to focus on your game at all times. Consider practicing with your eyes closed, aiming for the holes with closed eyes. If you can succeed at this, imagine how well you will perform with the eyes open.

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