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The Best Way To Reduce Tension In Your Golf Swing

Golf swing requires its own techniques and it is explained by many expert players in their own way. Mr. Jason Dufner was a very well-known Golfer of his time. He used to hit Stinger shots with the balls height very low. He won a lot of trophies with his techniques which are these days, followed by many players in their early stages and even the Professionals.

The expert had long hair and a relaxed style on the field and was a very cool minded man during his road to winning many trophies and titles. He is known for his shaking technique before he used to hit the ball. He used to waggle the club a lot before hitting the ball and it was sometimes criticized by many players but I think, it played a really important role in building up his career.

For reducing the tension in the swing of your club, you need to be very expert and smooth with the hit. The flow should be uniform and even or otherwise, it can cause tension. Few of the tips for overcoming this tension, are explained below.

  • The first technique is to use a waggle. Waggling the stick before hitting the ball really puts your mind at ease. Before making a complete swing, you should waggle the club repeatedly unless you feel relaxed and confident about the shot you are about to play. This really helps in building up your confidence level and it gives you time to concentrate on the shot rather than the surroundings or the audience who are watching you.
  • Sometimes, amateur golfers bend their knees before hitting the ball and then freeze just before the club touches the ball. This is not a good sign as it lowers your confidence level and occupies your mind and lessens up your hopes of hitting a precise shot. If you freeze, it lets the tension grow in you and then you will not be able to make a complete swing.
  • Gripping the club is a really important part of the game and the shot is completely dependent on it as it results in precision and power. So, for reducing the tension, the grip has to be firm. If you are not sure about the grip, hold the club in a direction parallel to the ground and rotate it unless it feels comfortable and firm in your hands and then go for your hit.

By practicing these techniques, you can really get the pressure off your mind and play a considerably good shot.

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