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A Simple Guide With A Great Golf Swing Weight Transfer Drill

All you needed to know about weight transfer

When you take a downswing, the lower body directs your swing. Your downswing begins from your ground up. However, if you are not able to transfer your body weight at the beginning of your downswing, you will not be adept to raise the speed of your clubhead at the impact. This may also happen, if you attempt to begin the downswing with hands and arms. If you do not shift your weight properly, you may not be able to put in distance to your ball regardless of how much speed your golf swing has.

Transfer your body weight on your right

You may find it practically impossible to transfer the body weight to the front foot, while you take a downswing. Without appropriate weight shift, your game of golf may suffer. With the lack of weight shift on the backswing, you may probably slide in the direction of your target while attempting to transfer the weight or direct the swing with the lower body. It may also result in push- slice or slice since you were sliding in excess. Here, you need to learn to transfer the weight on the back foot initially prior to transferring the weight while you take the downswing.

Raise the front foot

First, take the position of address without using the golf ball. Now, while you take the backswing, attempt to lift the left foot (the front one) entirely off the course. Imagine a home run baseball player. Now, begin the downswing by putting back the front foot on golf course. You can begin this drill with the middle iron. Later, you can move up the drivers.

Feet together

Many top-level golfers use this drill to transfer their body weight on their downswing. It is quite similar to the earlier drill, but you will learn to step into your downswing with this drill.

First, join your feet while standing on the course, but do not stand up overly straight. Now, attempt to bend from the hips, flex the knees a little, and maintain your position. Now, begin the backswing, and when you reach the apex of the backswing, raise the front foot entirely off the course. When you begin the downswing, come a step forward with the front foot. Now, swing in the course of conclusion. You can attempt this drill with all your clubs.

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