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How To Cure A Golf Hook: Fool-Proof Methods

The secret of playing good golf is to keep the ball in play. Every round is different and even if you are a member of a club and play regularly you are unlikely to hit the ball so consistently that your drives always land in the same place and you then always have the same iron into the green. Not only that weather conditions will dictate your options because one day you may be playing a hole downwind, another into the wind and worse still a crosswind will definitely challenge you. It is important in all conditions that you can keep the ball on the fairway and do to that you must get rid of any tendency to hook the ball.

You must make some corrections if you are in the habit of hooking. That does not involve aiming to the left, out away from the fairway in the hope that your hook will result in your hitting the short grass. There is nothing wrong in slightly opening your stance and perhaps aiming to the right hand side of the fairway as an initial experiment. Sometimes in golf the cure does not happen overnight.

  • One thing you should do is weaken your grip. You are looking to rotate your wrists around the club shaft (grip) and heading for the target. That will help prevent the club face closing and hitting the ball past the point of being square on. Obviously you must practice any changes you are making to your game and that includes this rotation.
  • It will help to move the ball ever so slightly forward in your stance. It should result in your hitting the ball straighter.
  • Think about your weight transference. You must make sure that you are finishing with your weight on the front foot. A common fault for both those who hook and those who slice is a failure to transfer their weight through the shot. It is especially dangerous because it can lead to a snap hook which can leave a golfer in all kinds of trouble.

There is a little drill that may help you and that involves putting a tee peg between your hands while you are on the practice ground. As long as your hands are not over-compensating to get yourself into what you think is the right position the tee will remain lodged. If your hands are doing too much it will drop.

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