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How To Fix Your Golf Weaknesses And Start To Win

Play a perfect game of golf

Sometimes a golfer, an amateur or a professional undergoes a bad patch when he or she does not score many points. However, we have listed few tips for you to rectify your weak shots and master the perfect game.

Avoid the swing

Do not make changes to your golf swing and continue with the current technique. Invest more time in strategising your shots rather than focusing on your score. You may be tempted to experiment with your swing until you achieve perfection; but strategy and approach towards the game holds more importance during this period.

Practice the putt shot

Spend about 30 minutes of hitting the putt shot with a flatter club iron. Try to hit the shoot from varied distances such as 5-feet or 30-feet. Short putts are crucial to win you points in the real game. Repetitions will improve your focus and speed.

Work on the chip shot

Practice the chip shot on the golf course from a distance of 15-feet. Try to strike the right posture for hitting a perfect chip shot. Change your stance constantly and try hitting the chip shot accordingly.

Master the challenge of the blind spots

Hire a professional golf coach to make you aware about the hurdles caused due to blind spots on the golf greens. Different golf courses have varied layouts that offer varied types of hazards and obstacles during the game. A good golf coach will point out your weak shots and give an honest feedback of your game. Definitely, expert guidance will help you improve your weak shots. Alternatively, you can prepare a video of your own game and analyze the weak shots along with your coach. It will help you devise a smart approach of improving your shots.

Right posture

Many a times, golfers make the mistake of adopting the improper stance that is not properly aligned with the ball position. Different shots in golf require a particular stance to get the right swing so that the golf ball covers long distances. Keep a firm grip on the iron club when you wish to drive the ball.

Ball Position

The accurate ball position helps a golfer in hitting perfect drives, higher swings, as well as covering a long distance over the golf greens. Keep the golf ball in the middle of your stance if you want to hit a perfect drive. You must align your shoulder with the ball position for a perfect swing.

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