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A Quick Golf Tutorial On How To Fix Your Long Game Faults

Distance without accuracy is of little value. It is far easier to hit a 6 iron shot off the fairway to the green than an 8 or 9 iron from long rough where it is impossible to know how the ball will come out. A handicap golfer should manage at least a bogey if they hit the fairway regularly. If most second shots are taken from in the rough, a bogey is likely to be the best they can expect.


The secret is to get a consistent swing that you can rely on. It helps with your course management which in the end contributes to a decent round on a regular basis. To consistent add ‘simple’; the fewer moving parts you have, the more likely you are to hit the ball consistently. Get every part of the body working in sync and not ‘fighting’ each other.

Distance comes from club-head speed but that is not achieved by accelerating every part of the body. Timing comes with control and consistency from looking at some aspects within the swing:

  • Balance throughout the swing. Indeed good balance can counteract even the difficulty of strong winds to still maintain good ball flight.
  • The club head should stay behind the hands until the ball has been hit. That does not mean that the club cannot be accelerated through the ball which in fact should always be the aim. A common fault in handicap golfers is actually quitting on the shot and decelerating or allowing the swing to get out of control.
  • It is importance to relax. Certainly too much tension in the hands and arms can be fatal. There are different ways to ensure your arms are relaxed. Some players actually get into their stance but then let their hands simply dangle away from the club before resuming the grip.
  • Follow through. If you are accelerating through the ball properly you will have a complete follow through. If you stop on the ball then your strike is not what it should be.

Practice and Advice

The long irons are arguably the most difficult shots to play. The faces of 3 and 4 irons have little loft and it is all too easy to get unwanted side-spin. Achieving a consistent swing is the most important thing to improve a long game. Those that can hit good distance but also find the fairway have a good chance to score well. It involves practice and taking on board a few words of advice.

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