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Basic Advice On How To Have A Good Golf Posture At Address

Posture is all about angles. Hitting a good golf shot is more than just luck. It involves a number of elements at address one of the most important being posture. There are four different elements to posture and if necessary you can look in a length mirror to see whether you are in the correct position:

  • You should ensure that your head is directly over the ball.
  • You back should be straight; never crouch over the ball.
  • Maintaining a straight back will actually result in your bottom sticking outward.
  • You must slightly bend your knees.

What to Do

If you begin by standing up straight, you should then bend forward from the hips until you feel as though you are almost losing your balance. At that point your weight will be in your toes. To counteract the loss of balance you should bend your knees. Your weight will move back to the balls of your feet.

There will be a little pressure on your knees and hips at this point, and perhaps a little in the small of your back. It is not a position you need to hold for any length of time of course when you are actually playing because it is simply the starting point of the swing. If you are just practicing the stance then your arms should hang vertically down towards the ground. When you are addressing the ball your head will be directly above the ball.

It is difficult to describe what you should be feeling but it should certainly be springy rather than spongy; opting for the most comfortable position is not the answer and good posture will natural very quickly.


Like every other element of the stance and swing, it is important to persevere and practice. The way that golfers can improve is for them to get a routine and a consistent swing. That is only possible way to achieve that is to learn the basics and practice them. It may be a temptation to go down to the course and go straight on to the tees and try to remedy faults during a round. The chances of that ever happening are minimal.

The reward for getting a good stance are enormous. You should check periodically that you are not slipping into bad habits. The game of golf should never be taken for granted but it can be mastered to the extent that everyone can enjoy a round. Start with the stance.

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