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4 Simple Drills That Can Help You Hit Great Bunker Shots

Some shots are really easy in golf and one of them is bunker shot. However, the same bunker shots may terrify an average golfer. Some players often blade the sand shot or chunk it to leave it in a bunker. These mistakes are more than sufficient to paralyze a golfer over a sand shot. At such times, they end up only praying for a better shot. But, prayers are not enough to hit a great bunker shot. You need to refine your game.

Only three keys to bunker shots are required to hit a perfect bunker shot.

  • You require loft
  • It is not possible to make a forceful swing for a bunker shot if the loft on your golf club is not enough. Many amateur golfers commit this mistake of not buying a golf club with good loft. Obviously, you do not have to hit your sand shots with a 3 iron. You can use your 60 degree wedge when you are around the green if you do not have a very long shot. It will give you much loft that is required.

  • Take out your box
  • It is important in golf to have good control over your divots and the divots must be shallow. It determines how much spin can be put on your golf ball, the distance that the ball is going to cover and how much pressure you need to exert on your swing.

  • You require speed
  • Since you are going to take out almost a pound of bunker’s sand, it is important that you have speed in your actions to take out enough sand so that the ball flies out in the air. Speed is also required to produce spin in a bunker shot.

  • The drill to perfect your bunker shots
  • When you are in the practice bunker, you need to draw a rectangle almost the size of $100 bill. This rectangle represents the size of the divot that you need to take for a bunker shot. In order to practice pledging to the shot, you have to take out the sand out of this rectangle with a depth of 1 inch. Try taking a swing without a ball. After you make good divots, you can introduce golf balls.

After you have moved the sand, you can position the ball in this rectangle and try again. If you feel anxious with the ball, you can assume that the ball does not exist in that place. The aim of this drill is to shift the sand, not the ball. When you move the sand, the ball will automatically get moved. If you do it in a correct way, you will be able to fly the ball out of the bunker.

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