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Expert Suggestions To Help You Improve Driving Distance Quickly

It’s the desire of every golfer, be it a professional or amateur, to improve the driving distance quickly. Every golfer understands the importance of hitting the ball a little further than they usually do. It makes a huge difference. Here are some expert suggestions to help you improve the driving distance quickly.

Make the right choice

The club you use matter a great deal when hitting a drive. A common mistake that golfers worldwide make is to pick the longest club. Although the club length matters, just picking the longest club also increases the chance of inconsistent swing and a thin shot. The club length, shaft flexibility, weight, and loft, all these elements play a crucial role in determining the drive distance. To choose the right club consult a club expert to determine the right shaft, weight, loft that will suit your game and help you improve the driving distance.

Work on your hip rotation

For the extra 20-30 yards you desire, improving your hip rotation is a must. The speed of your hip rotation is directly proportional to driving distance. To get the perfect hip rotation, it’s important you work on speed and flexibility of the hips. Practicing the correct hip rotation technique will benefit, but it’s a slow process. To speed up the process, do flexibility exercises.

Relaxed wrists

Throughout the swing – backswing, downswing, and follow-through – keep your wrists relaxed. A relaxed wrist will allow your arms to move in perfect harmony with the club. On the other hand, a tight or tense wrist will prevent you from turning and rotating with the club, which would result in loss of control and speed. By holding the club with relaxed wrists you can easily improve the speed which in turn will increase the drive distance.

Secret tips for extra yardage

Even with all drive fundamentals taken care of, golfers can get some extra yardage by following the tips given below:

  1. Assume a slightly wider stance than the standard one for better balance
  2. Right-handed golfers can tip down their right-shoulder a little more. About 65% of your weight must rest on the right-side of the body at the time of address.
  3. You can tee up the ball a little higher and ensure it is slightly forward to the center in your stance.
  4. Similar to hip rotation, having a greater shoulder rotation can improve drive distance. During the backswing the left-shoulder must cross over the right-knee.
  5. Avoid a very upright or overly flexed knee while addressing the ball.
  6. Make sure you’ve a smooth and rhythmic swing.

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