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The Basics Of Golf That You Should Know Before Trying To Play

Before attempting your first round of golf, there are a few basic things that you need to take into consideration. Sure, you have hit the ball at the driving range, chipped a few times and sunk a couple of putts. You probably think that playing a round of golf is very similar. Well yes, you are going to play those types of shots, but there is much more to it than that. Let’s take a look so that you are fully prepared.

Your equipment

In all probability, you have lent some clubs from a friend for your first round of golf. You need to check them before you take them to the course to make sure you have the right number of clubs. You may only play a round of golf with a limit of 14 clubs. Make sure you have all the clubs you need, as borrowing one is generally frowned upon and many golf courses ban it. Remember to have enough tees and plenty of balls. You are going to lose a few during your first round!

Book a tee time

Always remember to book a tee time at the course you are playing, especially if it is popular, or you are playing over the weekend. For your first round, the chances are that your golfing partners have already done that, but it’s a good point to remember in the future. Next, make sure you are on time, in fact, arrive 30 minutes early to warm up properly.

Dress code

Although this is your first round of golf, try at least to dress the part. Plan ahead by finding out the dress code of the course you are playing. A t-shirt and jeans are simply not good enough at most courses, In fact, jeans are far too restrictive and can affect your swing. That said, some courses are not too worried about clothing, especially municipal one. It is best to phone ahead and find out before or you might face embarrassment when you cannot play due to your attire.

Teeing off

Always remember to set your ball up even with the tee-markers. You should never be in front of them. Not sure what the tee-markers are. They are the small, painted stones on the tee-box where you will drive from. Together with your partners, you will need to decide who tees off first. The player with the best score then plays first at the next tee and so forth throughout the whole round.

Don’t touch your ball, unless out of bounds

Never, ever touch your ball once. You have to play it as it lies. Unless it goes out of bounds of course, then you may drop it in the field of play while registering a penalty stroke.


Keep track of your score, although generally, once you have made a few big bogeys, you are allowed to ‘forget’ it. Don’t worry, you will get better.

It pays to follow the proper rules and etiquette of golf, even if you are a beginner. Forming good habits will see you invited back for more rounds in the future.

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