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What Can I Do To Have The Best Golf Holiday In Portugal

Portugal is an incredible country to visit, not only for those who love mouth-watering food, history, and terrific weather but for golfers as well.

A golfing holiday to Portugal is truly an undertaking that should be something every golfer plans at least once in their lifetime. That said, more and more golfers are coming to the country from Europe and further afield to play the courses and experience the beautiful sights and Portuguese sun for themselves.

But what can you do to have the best golfing holiday possible in Portugal?

Decide where to play

If you have never been to play a round of golf in Portugal before, the best place to start is to decide exactly where it is you want to play. There are three main golfing regions in the country.

  • The Algarve. Perhaps the most popular region, the Algarve is found in the south of the country along the coast.

  • Lisbon. The area around Lisbon, including Cascais has a number of excellent golf courses and resorts.

  • Porto. Situated in the north of the country, Porto is not as popular for golf as the two other regions, but it still has numerous excellent golf courses.

If you have never been to the country on a golfing trip, perhaps the best place to start would be the Algarve. Here, you not only have courses which range in difficulty, but the stunning views, as well as the facilities on offer, are some of the best found in the world. Popular courses here include Monte Rei, Victoria, Quinta do Lago, San Lorenzo, The Old Course and Pines Cliff.


Sometimes the simplest option is to stay at a golfing resort as everything you and your family might need can be found there. After a long day out on the course, you can relax in a pool or have a great meal at one of the many eateries. Other than that, you could consider a golfing lesson or practice to your heart’s content at the practice facilities all of these resorts have.

Other activities

Well you know you will be playing golf every day, but make sure there is enough for your family to do. You don’t want be bothered out on the course because your family is bored, but they should enjoy the holiday as well! Again, if you stay at a resort, they will be well catered for.

If you stay elsewhere, identify activities in the area that your family can undertake to keep them occupied whether it be a trip to the beach, a visit to local ruins, a boat ride or one of the various watersports along the coastline.

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