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Techniques That Will Raise Your Pitching Contact To The Next Level

A perfect pitching contact is a key element to get the ball travel the distance you want. Some players find it hard to perfect their pitching contact on the course. There might be numerous reasons for that. This article is not about listing each error or technical fault and offering a suitable solution. We’re more interested in sharing tips on how to improve your pitching contact and raise it to the next level.

  • When playing the pitch shot, you can’t just swing and expect the ball to behave the way you want. Calibrate the swing length to match the distance you want to achieve. If your goal is to cover 100 yards or less with the pitch shot, you don’t have to take the club all the way back during the backswing.

  • The stance you adopt must be narrower than usual and slightly square on the club face. Now you’re perfectly aligned to take the swing path that’s ideal for the pitch shot.

  • Pay special attention to the club you’re about to use for the pitch shot. A long iron is totally not suitable for this particular shot. The ability to choose the most suitable club for a short or situation is an important skill in golf. Spend time on acquiring that skill.

  • How far you’re standing from the ball is also an important factor that can influence pitching contact. The distance between the ball and your body is also dictated by the type of club you use. The gap must be proportional to the length of the pitching club.

  • We talked about having a shorter backswing in the above paragraph. Most players have trouble executing this move. Instead, they try to take the club way back and then decelerate to reduce the amount of force conferred on the ball. The best method to improve the pitch contact is to take a short backswing and try to accelerate through the ball. We have a perfect technique that will help you with short backswings. For a one-foot long backswing, the follow-through must be three-foot (i.e.) the follow-through must be two times longer than the backswing.

  • When you play the backswing slightly hinge your right wrist (the left wrist in the case of left-handed golfers). The wrists must be close to the legs as much as possible. To generate the power to hit through the ball, instead of applying excess force on the club, rotate your hips to generate the necessary force to hit the pitch shot. At the end of the shot, your body must be pointing towards the target.

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