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A List Of Recommendations That Tell You How To Play Golf Better

Playing better is the goal of every golfer. Sure, if you are not golfing to pay the mortgage then enjoying the experience is more important. However, playing well is more enjoyable than playing badly. To help you with that objective, here is a list of tips and tricks than you can apply to your game this weekend when you enter the club medal.

  1. Love your wedge
  2. Most golfers think that either their driver or their putter is the no.1 club in their bag. More than any other club, your wedge will become you favorite in the bag. The wedge will help you save par when you get in trouble. Your wedge will be responsible for your birdies on short par-4's and par-5's. As with any relationship in life, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it.

  3. Set up right
  4. Your "set up" means how you stand over the ball before you take the club away. In the address position, your body and the ball are both stationary so there is no excuse for not getting it 100% right. Make sure you are aimed at the target, that your body is balanced, your stance not too wide or too narrow and that your grip on the club is neutral. The majority of swing faults and bad shots start here so it makes sense to make your set up a priority.

  5. Use your "powder puff" swing
  6. A "powder puff" swing is merely a very soft swing where you focus on swinging slowly and merely "collecting" the ball in the hitting area. Most professionals suggest swinging at 80% of your power but you will hit the ball even better by dialing down to 50% of your full speed. Remember, you can always turn on the power later if you need to hit a big drive down the fairway.

  7. Prudence pays off
  8. Swinging softly is just one part of playing conservatively. The other part is being strategic with your club selection and course strategy. Rather than taking the driver out on every hole, select a long iron. Rather than going for the par-5 in two big hits, lay up to a comfortable wedge distance. And rather than trying to hit a heroic shot out of the trees, take your medicine and pitch the ball back out.

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