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5 Great Workout Ideas For Aspiring Golfers

There are thousands of clubs available in the market, which promise to increase the distance of the drive and keep the scores on the lower side. Golfers are always ready to shell out any amount to buy these clubs. But, they forget one thing, that it is not the clubs that lowers their scores. It is consistent practice and vigorous exercise that can solve the purpose. Here, we have listed 5 simple exercises that will improve your golf. Exercise regularly and you will be proud to notice the improvement.

You need to give more attention to the flexibility of the body to reduce the overuse of wrists and arms. Those exercises should be selected which reduce the strain on your lower back. In short, you need to swing your body as much as possible along with a good alignment.

Wood chop

You need a resistance band or a medicinal ball to perform this exercise. Position the resistance band under your left foot. Bend your knees. Pull the band towards your right side. Repeat it 8-12 times and take rest for 30 seconds. Then, switch sides to repeat the cycle for at least two to three times.

Lateral lungs

To improve strength, range of motion, power of hips; this exercise is beneficial. While maintaining a perfect posture, step largely to the left of your body. Shift the weight of your body to the left side as well. You have to bend your left leg and then extend your right leg to the right side. Try to keep your toes pointing in a straight position. Repeat the exercise 8-12 times while alternating the legs. Take rest for 30 seconds. Do it for one to three times.

Activating Glute Lunges

These are the standard lunges used to increase the movement of hips. This exercise can let you make a larger swing. Keep your feet close to each other. Place the hands on the hips. Step forward with a giant leap. Bend your front leg and try to make your thigh and the floor parallel to each other. The back leg should be straight and strong. Stand again and step back. Repeat it for 8-12 times.

Front plank and side plank

This exercise is used to strengthen your torso. Lie down on the floor with your face downwards. Tuck the toes inwards, roll the shoulders outwards and try to push your body away from the floor. Repeat 3-5 times. For doing side plank, lie down on your side with legs stacked over each other and knees straight. Raise your upper body with weight on the elbow and forearm. Raise your hips in order to make a straight line from your shoulders till the ankles. Hold for at least 30 seconds. Change sides alternatively.

Spinal twist

Lie down on the floor. Raise your feet to 90 degrees angle with the body. Extend the arms with palms facing downwards. Lower the legs slowly to the right side of the body. Keep your knees together during lowering of legs. Hold for 20-30 seconds and come back to the center. Repeat by alternating sides.

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