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Basic Golf Tips on How to Have a Good Chipping Setup

A chipping setup can be important to have when you are getting a great approach shot going even in some of the tightest situations around a course. Here are a few great golf tips you can use to give yourself a better sense of control while giving you a better shot that’s easy to follow through on.

  • Keep the Club Down
  • Keep Your Feet Out Next
  • Check Your Legs and Hips
  • Keep Your Shoulders Square

Keep the Club Down

You have to keep your club down before you do anything else. The club head must be directly behind the ball before you can set yourself up. You should stay in the middle to ensure your shot is carefully organized and will not curve unexpectedly.

You can always keep your feet together while setting up the aim as well. This will help you focus on keeping a good aim going as well as possible.

Make sure the club is adjusted at a height that lets you get to the bottom part of the ball. This should be done without possibly getting in touch with the ground and potentially reducing the motion of your swing or the intensity in which you are getting in touch with the ball.

Keep Your Feet Out Next

After you get the club down, you can adjust your feet accordingly. The feet should be spread to where the heels are about six inches from each other. Don’t keep them out by far too much. This in turn will give you a steep shot. This creates a downward movement on the ball, thus giving you a better and more accurate shot when used right.

Check Your Legs and Hips

The legs should be kept straight at the start while you then bend your knees down. Make sure the hips are aligned perfectly with your feet as well. This will help you keep a good balance going. Also, it allows you to keep your arms open so you can get a good swing running.

Keep Your Shoulders Square

You must keep your shoulders square at all times. This will help you keep your hips open while encouraging your swing to move on the target line. Also, squared shoulders ensure that you will have a full range of motion as you are getting your swing to work.

If used right, you can get a good chip shot going no matter where you are on a course or what your lie is like. Practice this part of your shot on occasion to see what you will be getting out of each swing at this juncture within the game.

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