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4 Driving Setup Fundamentals for Beginner Golfers

We know that you would love to smash the ball straight and long down towards the fairway. Simultaneously, you would hate to have your ball landed into a hazard. If you have a good driving set up, it can prove to be a key to set the pace of your remaining golf shots successfully. On the contrary, a few poor drives can spoil your complete round.

There is just one thumb rule to hit long and consistent drives that you must not overpower your shots, which may gift even more troubles to you. This typically proves counterproductive and averts you to hit the golf ball straight and long.

To set up a basic drive, you must align your ball with the leading foot. You have to take you ball ahead in the stance since you would like to have the club make a good contact with the ball while you take the upswing.

  1. Which golf club you must use?
  2. A driver must be used for taking the ball farthest. Also, there are least chances of committing a mistake with this golf club. If you commit an error with a driver, the error will be enhanced even if it is a hook or a slice.

    You must be selective while using the driver off a tee. You must use a driver while playing around the wide holes where you can have more room for forgiveness. When you see that you have a lot of trouble ahead, you must use a club which you are more consistent and comfortable with.

  3. The address
  4. Your feet must be a little wider than the width of your shoulders and your spine must bend a little away from your target. It will keep your shoulders at an upward angle, which is appropriate for hitting an upward strike with the driver. Also, apart from engaging your core muscles, the pressure on the grip must be light and the forearms must not be tense.

  5. Preset the position of impact
  6. During the address, you must exert a little more than half of your body weight rightwards provided you are a right handed golfer. The ideal position of impact must be preset during the impact. A perfect address will help you to stay away from a slice, which is a very common error in golf.

  7. Height of the tee
  8. The thumb rule states that the golf ball must be teed up in a way that the equator comes in conjunction with the apex of the driver during the address. In case, you face a very tight drive, you can consider giving up on distance to find a fairway. You can tee the ball at a lower position than normal, which will give an extra backspin to the ball. It will also help the ball the move forward straight away. And if the fairway is wide open, you can tee your ball at a higher position.

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